Lean Ideation Workshop with Station Houston

Hosted by Station Houston, a world-leading hub for tech innovation and entrepreneurship, the Lean Ideation Workshop helped students discover how to create their own Tech Startup.

On February 10, Station Houston hosted a Lean Ideation Workshop for ChickTech High School students at Energized for STEM Academy.

About the workshop:

Uncover what people really need and want before you start building it, so you can spend your time, money, and effort wisely on the right solution to the right problem! In this one-day workshop, we will move quickly through the basic principles and processes for answering critical questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with potential customers. Each person will walk away with a new superpower: The ability to fast-forward into the future to see how your idea will impact people, so you can best decide how to pave the way forward, or to pivot!

About Station Houston:

Where Innovation and Community Connect Our vision is to transform Houston into a world-leading hub for tech innovation and entrepreneurship. We connect early stage technology startups & entrepreneurs with capital, customers & talent – but more importantly, we’re cultivating a community & culture.

Website: stationhouston.com